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my name is Martin a coffee grower. I am looking for direct Trade linkage in green

Hello Martin, This is Alex from Ensoluna S.A. if you can post more information about your farm, coffee varietals, qty...etc as much detail as......

Best coffee for the average coffee drinker?

Does anyone have any advice on the safest type of coffee to buy that most people will drink I read that Colombian coffee is what most people will......

As coffee consumers, do we really care?

It has been few hundreds of years since coffee has been in our lives. Also it has been several decades since all sort of organizations have been......

Peaberry : What is it? and Why most of them come from Tanzania?

As I was writing about Sample sorting procedures, I came across some Peaberries that I had to sort them out from sample beans. In Guatemala, we......

First fresh decaf

My latest order came in the mail yesterday and I was fairly excited because I ordered some coffee that Alex mentions a lot, a yellow bourbon that is......

Export coffee from Honduras : message from ecoffee

*export coffee from honduras* Hello: Thanks for all of your informative posts! I thought Id reach out to you as Im looking to export coffee......

How to hand sort 200 grams of export standard sample green beans!!!!!

ALMOST everyone here knows I am a specialty green bean sales person in Guatemala. I am sure that most of people here DOES NOT KNOW exactly what is......

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