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Changing my gear, have question.

Greetings coffee peeps. This is my first post here and I have a question regarding brewing ratios. For years Ive been using a Bunn machine (10......

"Americano" coffee from Spain and Portugal question.

We spent several weeks traveling in Spain and Portugal last year and ordered Americano coffee from restaurants and coffee shops. Their Americano......

how to preserve that coffee smell in the cup

Dear Coffee Forum friends; I have a conundrum that has popped up in the last few months regarding my coffee. I used to use a cheap 20$ Mr. Coffee......

What are "healthier" coffee alternatives????

I shouldnt be posting this because I am a coffee addict and I am in the business, but in case if there is no coffee (perhaps due to global......

Compendium of coffee related patents?

I am a patent junky. I love to explore the various patent databases for patents relevant to my interests. Plus, a lot of the earlier patents have......

Have you visited China? If did, any coffee & culture experiences?

I might sound like a blogger now, but I am not, never been a blogger and I do not even know really what bloggers do. Long time ago, someone in this......

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