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Canadian meat scientists buy French firm in EU push

Swine biology business Genesus Inc has acquired the French arm of Denmark-based Pork-Ex for an undisclosed sum....

India to limit antibiotics used in meat production

Limits to the amount of antibiotics used in meat production have been proposed by IndiaÔs Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to combat the risk of antimicrobial resistance....

Polish lawmakers draft bill to ban non-stun slaughter

MPs from PolandÔs ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party have introduced a draft bill to ban non-stun slaughter. Meanwhile, the proposal has been protested by numerous meat industry associations, which say such a measure would significantly hamper PolandÔs meat exports to the Middle East....

Bluetongue virus hits France

French authorities have reported a case of bluetongue BTV-4 in a bovine in the Haute Savoie region....

Beef + Lamb New Zealand commits to genetics funding

Red meat levy board Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) will continue to fund wholly-owned subsidiary B+LNZ Genetics after a decision on future funding had to be made....

Tyson Foods to create 1,500 jobs with new poultry plant

Tyson Foods is to build a new chicken production complex in the City of Humboldt in Tennessee....

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