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ĎRevolutionaryí lab-grown meat firm nets $3m cash injection

Lab-grown chicken start-up SuperMeat has secured millions of dollars in funding to bring its clean meat ‚ made without killing animals ‚ to supermarkets shelves....

Japanese lamb sales up as consumer knowledge grows

Retail sales of lamb and mutton are on the rise in Japan, boosting domestic production as well as imports from Australia and New Zealand....

India reports bird flu outbreak

India has culled more than 900 birds after it reported a case of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the southwestern state of Karnataka....

Russia considers use of radiation on meat products

Russian scientists believe radiation could be applied effectively in the domestic meat industry, while the country‚s nuclear corporation Rosatom has already developed commercial technology of ionizing radiation, which it is planning to promote to the international food market....

Waste crackdown: McDonaldís commits to renewable, recyclable packaging by 2025

All packaging used by fast food giant McDonald‚s will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025....

Romanian group to invest in meat production and processing

Romanian agricultural holding Agricola Group plans to invest ‚10 million this year to boost its capacity at various locations....

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