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The Week in Bites
21 January 2018

This week at FDL we discovered where to eat in Jerusalem, interviewed German chefs Julia Komp and Sarah Henke, learned the history of Sachertorte and more....

Chefs Everywhere Say Thanks to Paul Bocuse

Chefs around the world say farewell and thanks to the legendary French chef, Paul Bocuse. The influential master of French gastronomy. ...

André Chiang's Inspirational Dishes

Have a look at some delicious dishes prepared by chef André Chiang, famous for his unique interpretation of French cooking....

FISKESUPPE, How To Make This Classic Scandinavian Fish Soup

Swedish chef Rebecca Varjomaa shares her special recipe for fiskesuppe, a creamy fish soup enjoyed throughout Norway and Sweden. Its perfect for cold days!...

Parabere Forum: Celebrating Women in the Food Industry

Edible cities is the topic up for debate this year, tackled by an impressive speaker list including Anne-Sophie Pic, Lara Gilmore and René Redzepi....

Watch a Teaser for David Chang’s New Netflix Show

Watch a clip from David Changs new Netflix show Ugly Delicious, which sees the chef exploring comfort food around the world. ...

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