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Fatburger Canada to Trial Glance Technologies Mobile Payment App

The mobile app will incorporate pre-order and payment with loyalty and rewards....

AR Takes Customer Experience to the Next Level at Starbucks Shanghai Reserve Roastery

Using a mobile app, visitors interact with digital menus, place drink orders, and access detailed information about brewing techniques....

Mintel 2018 Prediction: Consumer Demand for Fast, Convenient Food Will Require Restaurants Innovate with Tech

Time-strapped diners value convenience and affordability more than ever and operators will need to respond by leveraging technology advances....

Why Hospitality Should Consider e-Invoicing

Moving to electronic invoicing with line-item detail results in quicker processing, eliminates manual entries and the associated errors, and eliminates paper....

Touch Dynamic Announces a New POS: Pulse Ultra All-in-One

It is designed to offer speed, reliability and beauty....

Vitality Bowls Partners with Punchh to Launch New Mobile App

The app integrates a loyalty program, mobile payments, gift card sharing and includes a store locator....

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