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Vaccines and Disaster Preparedness

pIn the event of a disaster, communicable diseases greatly increase the risk of death. The major causes of communicable diseases in disasters are contaminated food and water, respiratory infections, vector and insect-borne diseases, and infections due to wounds and injuries. Keeping up to date with vaccinations is one important way you can be prepared for […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= and Disaster ...

5 Must-Have Essentials for Your Next Camping Trip

pCamping has been here for hundreds of years. And as new research indicates, it seems like camping will stay one of America’s favorite past time. According to the recent American Camper Report, the average camper in the United States goes on five camping trips every year. If you’re not an experienced outdoorsman, you may discover […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= Must-Have Essentials for Your...

Bowfishing for Survival

pPlanning to bug out along the waterways, rivers, or coastal areas Great! Youíre in the right hands. In this post, Iíll teach you a new skill (and an effective way of gathering food while out there) – bowfishing for survival. Also referred to as archery fishing, this practice involves using your bow to catch the […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= for Survival/a appeared first on a rel=nofollow href=htt...

What to Remember When Packing Your Emergency Prep Kit

pWhen you are prepared for an emergency, it makes the situation much easier to handle. To be on the safe side, you should have an emergency supply kit in your home that you can call on to get you through any emergency. You have to pack your emergency preparedness kit carefully to ensure you are […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= to Remember When Packing Your Emergency Prep Kit/a appeared first on a rel...

5 Concealed Carry Tips

pMaking the decision to carry concealed around family can be difficult. Carrying a handgun has become more culturally acceptable in America, especially in recent years. Carry permit issuances are up across the country, and handgun sales are through the roof. New demographics – women, younger adults, family members – are buying guns. But we won’t […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= Concealed Carry Tips...

Techy Survival: 4 Technologies Every Prepper Should Invest in

pPreppers believe in planning for the worst scenarios. No challenge is too much with the right supplies and some ingenuity. Preppers are family-oriented but wise enough to understand that leisure and luxury mean nothing compared to preserving their loved ones and a certain quality of life. They intend to persevere, no matter the circumstance. Here […]/p pThe post a rel=nofollow href= Surv...